crisis communications

In a high-stakes situation, trust matters.

GMK has handled it all, from high-profile executive departures and pulled IPOs to failed acquisitions and injurious legal allegations. We have shielded executives under fire and helped companies rebuild damaged reputations. We are experts in neutralizing bad situations and bringing executives and companies back into positions of strength.

We can help your company anticipate potential negative stories by identifying company weaknesses and scenarios that could erode positive media sentiment. We can also help you build more trust into your media relationships, allowing you to better navigate bumps along the way.

When trouble does arise, we meet ugly issues head on, and we fearlessly negotiate with press to make sure the right story is heard. We can also uncover negative media agendas before the damage occurs, vigorously screening a reporter’s angle to determine how your company could play in the story.

Our other services include media and analyst relations, message development, and thought leadership.