Message development

Every media conversation is wasted if you don’t have your messaging nailed.

We help our clients create clear and powerful messaging by looking at a variety of information, including the competitive landscape, market research, customer feedback and relevant perceptions among the media. Then we provide extensive media training so that key messages become second nature and naturally roll of the tongue within every answer clients speak to press. GMK clients are prepared to stay on point for any audience.

For emerging companies, positioning can be an evolving process. We work with our clients on an ongoing basis to help them hone their messages as they incorporate new product lines or forge new strategic directions.

We support client announcements and programs with compelling materials, from press releases, presentations and backgrounders to blog posts, authored articles, and Tweets. GMK ensures that client messaging remains crisp and consistent across all mediums.

Our other services include media and analyst relations, crisis communications, and thought leadership.