thought leadership

It’s not just about you and your company – think big to be bigger.

For startups, the path to market leadership is more complicated than simply selling the most products. It demands a more strategic definition of an emerging category or a better understanding in the marketplace of the issues that a product addresses. It can also require development of industry standards.

We help our clients lay the foundation for their corporate and product stories by leading campaigns to educate the market, building mindshare among industry influencers by facilitating clients’ initiation of and participation in the industry dialogue.

Programs for each client look different, as issues in the tech world vary. For some, this could mean hitting the speaking trail, delivering talks and participating on panels at leading conferences. For others this could mean strategic placement of contributed articles, intimate salon dinners focusing on a hot topic, or highlighting new research and survey findings. Whatever the case, GMK establishes its clients as forward thinkers.

Our other services include media and analyst relations, message development, and crisis communications.